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Does Solidarity Sunday™ make a difference?

Some comments we have received...

President Clinton: "Like DignityUSA, I remain dedicated to preserving the civil rights of every citizen. We have begun an all-out campaign against hate crimes — crimes that are often viciously directed at gays and lesbians — (full text of letter of support, 1997)

Vice President Gore: — acts of discrimination, intimidation, and violence based on sexual orientation violate the basic principle of equal protection under the law — and have no place in American society — (full text of letter of support, 1997)

Student, Ames (IA) High School: Yesterday I walked into class and saw that [my teacher] was wearing a ribbon — It meant so much that I started crying right there in class.

St. Bernadette's Catholic Church: We want to get started earlier this year because we want do more.

PFLAG, Columbus, OH: Thank you... DignityUSA for Solidarity Sunday. We are working together for justice.

First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church, Portland, ME: — I'm happily and proudly wearing [my ribbon] as a sign of solidarity with my Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and transgender sisters and brothers.

Plymouth (NY) Congregational Church UCC: Many folks still wear their ribbons! Leadership Conference of Women Religious encourages [Dignity's] efforts to bring the issues of discrimination and physical and verbal violence against gay and lesbian persons to public attention on Solidarity Sunday —

Mel White, Minister for Justice, UFMCC: I think your project is important and support it with my heart.

Morehead State University: How can I help to reach out to more people?

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