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DignityUSA mourns the death of Rich Rasi

Rev. Dr. Richard Rasi died of cancer on Wednesday, November 13, surrounded by family and friends, and following a liturgy held in his hospital room.

Rich was a presider for Dignity/Boston for over 20 years, and a co-founder of Dignity/Provincetown. He presided at two DignityUSA convention liturgies-a liturgy of healing at the 1997 Boston convention, and the 2001 Chicago Eucharistic liturgy. In 2000, Rich represented DignityUSA on the Larry King Live show on CNN, and debated Jerry Falwell on the subject of same-sex unions.

Rich was an inspiration to many within Dignity to live more integrated, passionate and honest lives. We join his family and friends in celebrating his many gifts, and in mourning his death. Funeral services will be held in Boston on November 18, and in Utica, NY on November 20. A memorial service will be held in Provincetown at a later date.

Rich's partner of 15 years, Jeb Bates, has asked that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to DignityUSA. If you would like to make a gift, please note that it is in memory of Rich Rasi, and send it to DignityUSA, 1500 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Suite 11, Washington, DC 20005.