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Dignity/San Antonio News

By Claudia Garza, Dignity/San Antonio Member

Dignity/San Antonio recently held its chapter elections with the following results: President, Chris Kohn; Vice President, Meagan Mireles; Secretary,Teresa Mireles; Treasurer, Minverva Mendoza. Our three delegates are: Sylvia DelosSantos, Michael Torres, and Claudia Garza.

On October 7, 2012, Dignity/San Antonio, along with Beacon Hill Presbyterian Church, held Solidarity Sunday. The interfaith service was well attended by the community. We had for the evening representatives from the Muslim, Jewish, and Catholic communities. Our main speaker for the evening was Reverend Jane Spahr who, in addition to being our main speaker for the service, also led a session on the Social/Spiritual Value of Marriage.

In all, it was a well attended Solidarity Sunday and we continue to receive praise from several supporters within our community. A special thanks to those from Dignity/San Antonio who helped organize this event. Job well done!  

We are also beginning to do some fundraising this month for convention scholarships. Dinners are being planned by our members and we look forward to the next dinner in December. Stay tuned for more information on our fundraising efforts!