The work of DignityUSA on April 27, 2015 could have been sponsored by you. Click here for more information.

“Going once … Going twice … Gone — sold to the cutie in the third row!”

We may not actually hear those words at DignityUSA’s on-line auctions, but the excitement is just as intense. If you have taken part in any of these auctions in the past you know what I mean. The original auction concept started in Chicago in 2001 and has been a part of each convention since. In San Francisco we added the first DignityUSA on-line auction, which allowed non-convention goers to be part of the fun and excitement as well. Since then there have been five on-line auctions, either as part of a convention or a stand-alone events. These auctions have been a vital part of DinnityUSA’s fund raising activity and have generated over $20,000 in the past.

This fall we are doing it all again but we need your help to continue the success story. Please consider donation an item for the auction. Any and all things will be appreciated. Maybe you have a gift certificate you don’t need. Or you have connections in the movie, theater, travel, hotel and airline industries and can get a donation from them. Remember all donations are tax deductible and we will supply the needed paperwork for the IRS.

Specifically, we need to have items donated gratis or at drastically reduced cost so we can put together a great package that would appeal to a broad range of our members and supporters. Maybe you have airline miles or hotel points you could donate. Or maybe you have some other great ideas we can use to put together a fabulous package for the next Fall Fling.

Please contact Jack F. at Frielys@gmail.com with any and all donations, suggestions and ideas. Every little piece counts in making a fun and exciting special event.