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Queer Catholic Faith

Queer Catholic Faith back by popular demand!

Solidly enjoyed by Dignity members and non-members earlier this year, QCF returns this October for a second season of monthly webshows.

What is QCF? Live web-interviews with featured guests, with real-time questions and conversation from attendees, all from the comfort of our homes and computer screens.

QCF explores with guests in an intimate way often not experienced in the conference room. Guests’ spirituality, faith and prophetic witness are among the topics probed.

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Lesbian Catholic Columnist Jamie Manson Shares her Faith

In the first session of a new vidoe-conference series called Queer Catholic Faith, sponsored by DignityUSA, noted National Catholic Reporter columnist Jamie Manson reflects on her spiritual roots, being part of a Church where she has experienced both rejection and profound hope, and the sacredness of the everyday. To view and hear this conversation, click here.

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