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Palm Beach

Dignity/Palm Beach Celebrates Feast of the Assumption and Hosts Talk by John J. McNeill

By Jack Cloninger and Al Levy

On Sunday evening, August 15, 2010, Dignity/Palm Beach gathered in the sanctuary of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church for our bimonthly Mass to celebrate the Feast of the Assumption. We were very privileged to have a guest con-celebrant, John J. McNeill, world renowned author and theologian, and one of the founders of Dignity/New York during the first year of Dignity’s existence. John wrote The Church and the Homosexual, a groundbreaking book of prodigious scholarship that debunked the Church’s anti LGBT moral theology and gave hope, direction, and self-respect to a generation of LGBT Catholics. John visited our chapter to give a talk on his latest work: Sex as God Intended. In addition to members and friends of Dignity/Palm Beach, several members of Integrity, the Episcopal Church’s outreach to LGBT folks, joined us for both the Mass and the talk.

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