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Dignity/Houston Community Outreach in November

By Tierra Ortiz-Rodriguez, Dignity Houston member, Community Organizer

Dignity/Houston is on a mission to raise awareness about the need for tolerance of sexual minorities both inside and outside the church. We had several community outreach events in November specifically aimed at raising consciousness about transgender issues, and increasing awareness as to the availability of LGBT-affirming spiritual resources in the Houston area.

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Community Organizing at Dignity/Houston

By Tierra Ortiz-Rodriguez. Dignity/Houston Community Organizer

On August 4, three Dignity/Houston members attended the Equality Texas Project Training. On their website, the Equality Texas Foundation describes the Equality Project: "The Equality Project is a public education program on policy issues and their effect on Texas citizens. The Project also trains supporters of equality to establish relationships with their state representatives and senators, and to advocate for policy changes with their elected officials. The Project aims to engage the public in maintaining continuous conversations with their elected officials about public policy matters that directly impact their lives. It is these conversations about real people's lives that will ultimately motivate policy changes to eliminate discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity/expression."

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Dignity/Houston Keeps Busy This Summer

By Tierra Ortiz-Rodriguez, Dignity/Houston Community Organizer

Things are a’brewin’ over at Dignity/ Houston. We are planning a community screening of "Pink Smoke Over the Vatican," tentatively scheduled for September 20 at 6:30 pm at the GLBT Cultural Center (401 Branard, Room 106, Houston, TX 77006). We hope this community screening fosters critical thinking and dialogue on the important issues of gender and vocations for women in the Catholic Church.

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