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Gearing up for Convention 2015

Dignity/Boston members are gearing up for the Convention in Seattle this July. Sunday, March 15, after liturgy, members enjoyed a supper of pizza and dessert, while some shared memories of past conventions. Previous attendees discussed touring sites before and after conventions, workshops attended, and, as one member put it, seeing extended family members we didn't know we had.

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Dignity/Boston Participates in Orgullo Latino

By John Prybot, Dignity/Boston Member

Dignity/Boston participated in this year's Orgullo Latino celebration in Boston’s South End on Saturday, October 28, 2012. Rocco Pigneri and Steven Young represented Dignity/Boston at the "Family Day," an event programmed for Blackstone Community Center situated in the South End of Boston. Hearing about this, I offered to accompany them.

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