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DignityUSA’s Couples Ministry

By Deb Myers and Nickie Valdez, Co-Chairs, Couples Ministry Committee

Marriage, same-sex unions, domestic partnerships, civil unions have all been part of the national and local political landscape for at least the last decade in this country. In reality, gay men and lesbians have been creating loving, physically and spiritually committed relationships as long as our heterosexual bothers and sisters.

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Holy Union Example Provided by Bill, Dignity/San Jose, CA


Good evening and welcome. Thanks for being with us this day to celebrate and participate in this wonderful and very special occasion. I am(presider name), a lay minister of Dignity/San Jose, a local chapter of DignityUSA, an organization for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Catholics, their friends, families and loved ones. I appreciate the invitation of (name #1) and (name #2) to serve as a lay presider and to be with all of you on this very important day of their lives.

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