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Breath of the Spirit

Pastoral, Liturgical, Teaching, and Social Justice Moments brought to you by www.DignityUSA.org.

Breath of the Spirit is DignityUSA’s electronic spiritual and liturgical resource for our members and potential members. Nothing can replace your chapter or other faith community, but we hope you will find further support here for integrating your spirituality with your sexuality and all the strands of your life.

We welcome relevant homilies, inspirational writings, social justice opportunities, or theological articles from other sources also — particularly from wise women and men who can help us grow as gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) and allied Catholic/Christians. You may volunteer to help with this program or send your comments by e-mailing info@DignityUSA.org ATTN: Breath of the Spirit.

When asked, “What was Jesus’ first miracle?” most of us respond, “Changing water into wine at Cana in Galilee.” That’s correct if we’re dealing with John’s gospel; but wrong if we’re talking about the other three. Since those who originally read gospels already believed in Jesus’ divinity,... more

Those who read Jonah incorrectly have a problem with Jonah. Those who read Jonah correctly have a problem with Yahweh. Many falsely think Jonah was sent by Yahweh to preach repentance to the Ninevites, then becomes angry when they do repent and are saved. Actually, Yahweh gives the prophet a... more

The key line in today’s three readings is the editorial comment in our I Samuel pericope, “At that time Samuel was not familiar with Yahweh... “His lack of familiarity causes the young boy to confuse Yahweh’s voice with Eli’s, resulting in a biblical Abbot and Costello routine. Since almost... more

Mark, Matthew and Luke narrate Jesus’ baptism differently. (John, the Evangelist, doesn’t even refer to the event.) Part of the differences (or omission) can be explained by eventual tensions between Jesus’ followers and those of John the Baptizer. But Mark mentions something unique,... more

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