Every Dignity chapter is in need of additional funding and the best way to see that there is adequate money to meet the chapter’s needs and goals is through fundraising. There are many ways to do this. Ultimately, the best method is to have each member give a certain percentage of his/her income on a regular basis. Tithing has become a more familiar concept to Americans today. Some of your members would be willing to tithe to the chapter if encouraged to do so. Lately communities of faith have focused on a three-pronged approach to giving time, talent and treasure. In this way the donor is challenged to give of their whole person, not just their surplus. The following are other ideas to use for raising funds for the chapter:

  • Passing the collection plate during a liturgy
  • 50-50 raffle
  • Charge for a social event, dance, speaker or party.
  • Bake sale
  • Rummage/white elephant/yard sale
  • Fund appeal letter

Finally, almost any public library will have a section on volunteer organizations. There are a number of books available on grassroots fundraising for small organizations. Remember, the best policy is this: you believe in a cause, you are committed to it and you make it fun.