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DYAC Retreat Funding 2020

At the 2011 DignityUSA convention, Dignity young adults made connections and resolved to hold a DYAC national retreat the following year. In that the Dignity Young Adult Caucus (DYAC) was born and with it a tradition of biennial retreats that have continued since. These retreats are an opportunity for LGBTQ Catholic Young Adults to gather together to catch up, welcome newcomers, and share ideas and experiences across chapters and communities. Many DYAC members look forward to this as one of their most important connections to Dignity, especially those DYAC members who do not live in proximity to a chapter.

This year the DYAC retreat will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana, July 24-26, 2020. Coming out of the DignityUSA’s Jubilee last year, we are empowered for what DYAC has to offer for the future of our organization and these retreats are an opportunity for us to grow as individuals and as a community.


Putting on this retreat takes a lot of resources of time and money. Our main goal is ensuring the retreat is accessible to any young adult who feels called to attend, regardless of financial ability. We intentionally keep registration rates low and offer scholarships to anyone who needs financial assistance.

Help us in putting on this retreat to ensure this weekend is a nourishing experience for all LGBTQ Catholics who attend.

Please use the Donate Now link below and give what you can.


Please encourage any LGBTQ Catholic young adults (under 35) you may know to attend the retreat. Attendees do not need to be affiliated with Dignity to attend. People can follow the DYAC Facebook Page or visit http://dyac.dignityusa.org/retreat for more details.

If you are part of a Dignity chapter, invite young adults in your community to attend and consider supporting them financially as a community or encourage them to apply for DYAC’s scholarships.


Whether you are an LGBTQ Catholic who has been to a DYAC retreat, you are excited for the opportunity to attend this year; you are an ally and support our mission to encourage young adults to become tied into Dignity USA or anything in between, we encourage you to share your passion and spread the word by creating your own online fundraising page.

You can easily create a campaign page just like this one online and share why you support our mission and cause in just a few short steps:

  1. Start here to create your own page. You may need to create an account and log in.
  2. Tell your story about your experience with Dignity and DYAC and its importance in your life to encourage others to give.
  3. Email dyacteam@dignityusa.org the final link, so we can follow your success.
  4. Share your page and passion for Dignity with your family and friends through social media and email.

Thank you for your continued support of DYAC and your role in ensuring the future of Dignity is nourished and feels empowered! 

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