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Vin Testa

The "landscape" of the LGBTQI+ community has become quite expansive. Sexual orientation, sexual identity, gender identity, and gender expression are finally being described and thought of outside of the "traditional" binary. Through several community-wide discussions and forums at national conferences, I have found that DignityUSA is embracing those changes, but there is education to be shared. I am committed, both professionally and personally, to educating myself and others on the issues that the LGBTQI+ community faces, and would be honored to share the intersection of our LGBTQI+ and Catholic identities with those outside of the two communities. In addition, I recognize the privilege that I possess as a cisgender, white, gay male and am committed to using my voice to amplify the voices and stories of others, as well as to stepping back when necessary to provide platforms for those who are underrepresented in our organization.