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Using the DignityUSA Logo with Chapter Name

DignityUSA welcomes chapters to adopt the national logo as your chapter logo! Before printing up materials or uploading the logo to your chapter website, please refer to the Style Guide below on usage of colors, typefaces, and position of your chapter name.

Please also refer to the DignityUSA Style Guide and Download Center for guidelines on using the DignityUSA logo by itself, along with downloadable electronic versions of the logo.

General guidelines

Colors. The DignityUSA logo is designed in three colors: Pantone 281 (blue), Pantone 240 (lavender), and Pantone 124 (gold). Chapters that adapt the logo for their own use should print it only in those colors, in CMYK approximations of those colors, or in one solid color (preferably Pantone 281 blue). For Web design, the best HTML color matches are #003366 (blue), #CC3399 (lavender), and #FFCC00 (gold).

Backgrounds. Please use the DignityUSA logo on a white background whenever possible. If the design requires that it be placed on a colored background, it must be on a light or neutral color, or on a texture that is as unobtrusive as possible. (Rule of thumb: If the "Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Catholics" tagline is hard to read, the background is too dark.) If you need to use the logo on a very dark background, it is best to convert the dark blue type to white, so it will show up.

Please keep in mind that DignityUSA holds the trademark on this national corporate identity, so we kindly ask that chapters adhere to one of the two formats below when adapting it for your chapter. Consistent treatment of the logo will build “brand identity” for our organization, thus creating a singular image of DignityUSA in the minds of our members and the public at large.

To allow for flexibility among chapters, DignityUSA offers two different acceptable versions of logos that include your chapter name with our national trademark.

Need help?

If you have questions about the logo or could use some advice on working with graphics, please contact Chuck at webminister@dignityusa.org. Thank you, and good luck on your chapter project!