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Seattle in ‘15: See You There!

Seattle in ’15, Seattle in ‘15
We'll be there and have a good time
Oh yes, it's Seattle in ’15, Seattle in '15
We'll be there and have a good time

Seattle was born out of desperate types,
Passing through town to Alaska's Klondike
Some struck it rich and we begged them to stay
But they took all their money and moved to LA

An Early History of Seattle - The first European settlers arrived in the Puget Sound area in 1851, landing on Alki Point in what is now called West Seattle. They moved across the bay to where the current city stands, and established the city of Seattle in 1869. Logging was the first and main industry in Seattle and continues today. The city boomed with the logging industry. In 1989 the Great Seattle Fire destroyed the downtown area. The old city was plowed over, buried and a new city built on top of the old one. In just one year, some of the hills had been leveled, the city raised above sea level and 465 buildings built. New laws prohibited buildings made of wood.

Shipbuilding started when the Alaska Klondike gold rush brought many people to the area in the 1890's. Seattle then became the place for exchanging gold. Several major companies began in Seattle in the early 1900's: UPS, Nordstrom's, and Eddie Bauer, to name a few. Shipbuilding grew during and after World War I, then aircraft building began with World War II, and the Boeing company thrived.

There is a lot of history in the Seattle area, so come and explore.

Seattle Fact: Although our early settlers leveled many hills, Seattle is still very hilly. Seattle is built on 7 hills, offering many great views of Puget Sound and the Olympic and Cascade mountain ranges.

SeattleSide-trip: Tour Underground Seattle. Several blocks of the old city have been uncovered and tours are offered to explore this underground picture of the past. Tours begin in historic Pioneer Square, just a few blocks from the hotel. Cost runs from $15-20.

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Mark your calendar now, – and we’ll see you in Seattle in '15.