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A Celebration of Faith and Service

A video Conference and Fundraising event for DignityUSA, its chapters, members, family and friends Participating Chapters

Who: DignityUSA members and chapters, friends and family

What: DignityUSA’s first national video conference & fundraiser featuring Board President Mark Matson, Executive Director Marianne Duddy-Burke, and a special guest speaker. The topic of the video conference will be Catholic support of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA).

Chapters and individual members are invited to participate by hosting a party, a potluck, or other gathering and asking their guests to make a gift in support of Dignity’s work on both the local and national level.

When: Saturday, September 18, Video conference begins at 8:00 Eastern Daylight Savings Time.

Where: Participating Chapters and individual members will hosts gatherings at venues across the country.

Why: Our Catholic Faith inspires our service to the world on many levels. One of those is the desire to seek social justice for LGBT people both in our church and in our society. For some Catholics, the desire for social justice has called them to a career in the political arena where they have felt responsible to introduce and sponsor legislation that helps create a more just world for all. One such effort under debate in both houses of Congress is the ENDA (Employment Non-Discrimination Act), which is currently in committee in the U. S. House of Representatives (H.R. 3017) and U.S. Senate (S. 1584). Many of our Catholic Congresspeople have signed on in support of this legislation, despite opposition from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops [USCCB Letter on ENDA]. DignityUSA believes that the expansion of civil rights, and certainly the right to be protected from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in employment, is an issue supported by our Catholic faith


  1. Notify the DignityUSA Fundraising Committee of your intent to participate by filling out our participation form.
  2. Download DignityUSA House Party/Fundraising Event Guide
    • Use this guide for ideas and helpful hints on hosting a DignityUSA event.
  3. Download the Pledge Form for your event.
    • To be used at your event to collect pledges/gifts in support of DignityUSA.
  4. Download the Technical Guide for information on what technology is required.


  1. Organize a gathering and participate in the national video conference (click here for information about hosting a house party and how to get access to the video conference).
  2. Learn about about ENDA and ask your guests to discuss its impact on the lives of LGBT people. How does our Catholic faith inform our opinion on this issue and how does it compel us to take action?
  3. Share that faith perspective with your congresspersons – especially if they are Catholic. [Contact your Congressperson]
  4. Ask your Catholic congresspersons how their Catholic perspective informs their stance on this issue.
  5. Share your insights with your fellow Dignity members by writing to the Dateline or QV for possible inclusion in editions following this event. 
  6. Make a gift to support the work of DignityUSA and your local chapter at Join/Renew/Donate. Put Celebration of Faith and Service in the comments field and designate your local chapter if applicable.

Thank you for joining us for this first ever DignityUSA National event. By working together on the national and local levels, we can indeed bring about a just church and society for LGBT people.