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Sam Albano

It is with great pleasure that I accept the nomination to run for the DignityUSA board for a second term. Previously, I served on the Board of Directors from 2015-2017 and worked on several projects, including the 2017-2019 strategic plan, revision of our bylaws, and planning for the jubilee period we completed last year. More recently, I have been privileged to serve on the development committee and to offer the closing homily at our 2019 conference in Chicago. I am grateful for the relationships I have formed with DignityUSA members from every generation and every region of our country.

Our Catholic faith tells us that each person is created in God's image with infinite dignity and value and that we possess the human and Christian vocation to be people of love. This belief is at the heart of our mission and message as DignityUSA. For that reason, our future is indeed bright. Even so, we are also living in the midst of a changed religious landscape. This requires us to think about our messaging, development, and engagement of young people in new ways. I bring my experience as an educator, communicator, and prior board service to this task.

I look forward to serving the people of DignityUSA and all our LGBTQI siblings as we continue the quest for equality, community, and the Church that can and will be.