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Pioneering feminist theologian on US Tour

 April 4, 2003 — Catholics Speak Out/Quixote Center, the Women's Ordination Conference (WOC), and DignityUSA are delighted to announce this week's kick-off of a public speaking tour for Rev. Ida Raming.

Rev. Raming is a pioneering feminist theologian whose work helped spark the contemporary international campaign for the ordination of women. Raming was ordained to the priesthood on June 29, 2002, with six other women on the Danube River.

The public speaking tour begins Friday, April 4, at Drew University in Madison, NJ, and winds up on Saturday, May 3 in Philadelphia, PA. Dr. Raming will be accompanied by Dr. Iris Mueller, also one of the ordained women, on part of the tour.  Drs. Raming and Mueller petitioned the Second Vatican Council in 1963 to open ordination to women on theological grounds.

Ida's research, published as The Exclusion of Women from Priesthood" (1973) will be republished by Scarecrow Press later this year as the second volume of a series on the history of women's ordination.

DignityUSA is one of the co-sponsors of this historic tour. 

For more information about the tour and the ordinations that took place on June 29, 2002, visit http://www.quixote.org/cso or http://www.womensordination.org