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Peggy Hayes

I am seeking re-election to the DignityUSA Board of Directors with a sense of commitment inspired by our history and energized by how much important work remains to be done. At our 50th anniversary conference in Chicago in 2019, I was struck by two thoughts: the success and even the survival of DignityUSA was not inevitable and the work of DignityUSA is essential for our church, for LGBTQI people and for society. Who will speak if we don’t? My commitment is to strengthen the power of DignityUSA to do our essential work: empowering the voice of faithful LGBTQI Catholics, and informing, teaching, advocating and working for justice. As DignityUSA we have the wisdom and inspiration needed to do this work locally, nationally and globally. I see the role of the board, and my role, is to raise funds, and create and strengthen systems to do and disseminate our work and carry on the legacy of those who made it possible for DignityUSA to thrive for more than 50 years.

My work on the DignityUSA board has largely focused on communications: collaborating on creating the Chicago conference website and conference printed program books and working on DignityUSA’s digital engagement strategy to increase the reach of our message and broaden our base of donors. My Dignity involvement runs deep – I have been involved in the Boston chapter and DignityUSA for more than 25 years in volunteer and leadership roles. Dignity is my faith community and the center of my activism.