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This is our church too! Stop this Michigan Bishop from withholding sacraments from LGBTQ+ Catholics

In a recently revealed document, the diocese of Marquette, Michigan is ordering parishes to exclude transgender people and those in same-sex relationships from receiving most of the church’s sacraments. This is the most discriminatory public statement we’ve seen from a diocese yet.  Such hateful, exclusionary, and egregious statements are dangerous because they come under the guise of “pastoral care.” But its real impact is stripping LGBTQ+ people from any role in the church other than penitent.  Such harmful policies shame LGBTQ+ Catholics into despair and possible suicide. It’s also likely to force more people out of the church.  

The sacraments should not be weaponized, period. Not against LGBTQ+ people, not anyone. 

Add your name to our petition to tell Bishop Doerfler to withdraw this harmful and exclusionary policy! 

Together – as LGBTQ+ Catholics, our supporters and allies – we represent the majority of Catholics who stand for a more just and inclusive church. Thanks for joining us in speaking out. 

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