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In accordance with the bylaws of DignityUSA, to be a chartered chapter of DignityUSA, a chapter must have a minimum of ten (10) dues paying members, have existed continuously for at least six months, and have the recommendation of the National Officers.

There are Dignity chapters in the United States and Dignity chapters in Canada. The chapters in Canada are part of Dignity/Canada/Dignité. Both DignityUSA and Dignity/Canada/Dignité had their beginnings in San Diego & Los Angeles in 1969. By resolution of the House of Delegates in 1985, Dignity/Canada/Dignité became a separate organization from DignityUSA. Through our International Liaison, DignityUSA maintains contact with Dignity/Canada/Dignité and other lesbian/gay Catholic groups around the world. Many states in the USA do not yet have a Dignity chapter. A current list of chapters of DignityUSA can be found on our website.

The sample bylaws, included with this package, recommend certain officers for each chapter. These officers are only suggested.