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Meet Our Summer Intern

Lauren's PictureHello DignityUSA members! My name is Lauren Frances Price, and I am interning for you this summer. I am currently a junior at Boston University, where I am studying English and International Relations. The reasons I am pursuing these fields relate to why I want to work with Dignity. I am studying International Relations because I want to work in non-profits, mostly in economic development fields, and I'm studying English because, quite simply, it is what I love. Dignity appeals to me for several reasons.First of all, I am inspired by your efforts to affect change and gain recognition and acknowledgement. Beyond basic justice, I am also emotionally connected to this struggle, as my mother is a member of the gay Catholic community. I am so excited to be working for you and with you for an effort in which I believe and that means so much to me. I hope that my rational and thoughtful approach, balanced with my passionate beliefs, will help me, help you, and support the mission of DignityUSA.

During her internship, Lauren will assist DignityUSA in developing and implementing our social media strategy, expand our media contact list to include relevant blogs, and help with outreach to partner organizations. Lauren will receive a small stipend for successful completion of her summer internship. If you would like to contribute to this stipend, please click here to make a donation. Please put "Intern stipend" in the "Notes" block. Thank you for your support!