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Meet the 2013 Convention Committee

In ten short months, DignityUSA members from across the country will gather in Minneapolis to listen, learn, and explore the social justice teaching of the Catholic Church through an LGBT/Allied lens.

Registration for the convention will open in January, the result of work that began in the fall of 2010, when Minneapolis was selected as the site of the 2013 DignityUSA Convention.

Come and meet the people who have been working to bring this convention experience to you. With representation from chapters across the country, this convention is truly a national effort.

National Convention Committee (NCC)
Bill Baird, NCC Chair Dignity/San Francisco
Martin Grochala, 2013 Convention Chair Dignity/Chicago
Paula Lavallee Dignity/Seattle
Terry Mischel Dignity/Denver
Jane Powers Dignity/Boston
Lourdes Rodriguez Dignity/Boston
Tom Streeper Dignity/Philadelphia


2013 Minneapolis Committee Members
Jeanne Cornish Dignity/Twin Cities
Gene Corpuz Dignity/Honolulu
Marianne Duddy-Burke Dignity/Boston
Patrick Gordon Dignity/Twin Cities
John Hager Dignity/Washington
Bill Ladley Dignity/New York
David Lamdin Dignity/Washington
Brian McNeill Dignity/Twin Cities
Bob Miailovich Dignity/Washington
Tom Orians Dignity/Metro New Jersey
Donna Miller Dignity/Integrity Madison
Mary Kaye Radtke Dignity/Integrity Madison
Ramon Rodriguez, Dignity/Chicago
Victor Postemski Dignity/Boston
Paul Scarborough Dignity/Boston
Michelle Scheidt Dignity/Boston
Marc Schulte Dignity/Twin Cities
Diane Sidorowicz Dignity/Boston
Ed Smith Dignity/San Francisco
Jim Smith DUSA Program Manager
Art Stoberl Dignity/Twin Cities
Tom Yates Dignity/Washington

Please contact Marty Grochala at mjgrochala@yahoo.com if you are interested in volunteering in any of the follow areas:


  • Social Media
  • Graphics Design (Print and Electronic)
  • Copy Writing
  • Proof-readers/Editors

Family and Children’s Services

  • Organizing childcare for attendees


  • Assist with organizing the dinner/dance

Environment and Decorations

  • Assist with design and set up for décor for plenary sessions, liturgies, and the dinner/dance