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"At Long Last": LA Bishop Under Federal Investigation

The LA Times broke the story today that there is a federal grand jury investigation into Cardinal Roger Mahony and his response to the sexual abuse of children by clergy. Call To Action is grateful that the U.S. Attorney in Los Angeles is taking seriously the crimes of this bishop who harbored and transferred pedophile priests, protecting the sexual abusers rather than the children suffering the abuse.
"We look forward to a day when all bishops who knowingly protected pedophile priests from the law will be held responsible for their horrific actions," says Pat O'Connell, Call To Action/USA's Transitional Director. "The abuse of children is always wrong and our Church leaders must be held accountable."
"If Cardinal Mahony were a school principal who had harbored a pedophile teacher for years, knowing that teacher was repeatedly abusing children, the principal would have been removed immediately. Unfortunately, we have a faith leader who knowingly harbored pedophile priests for years and yet remains in office.
Tom Honore, a member of the Los Angeles Archdiocese and a Call To Action Board Member, says "Regardless of a conviction or successful prosecution, a public trial would be welcomed as a way to reveal at long last all of the sordid facts still not known by the people---citizens and members of the church. We hope that this federal investigation will bring justice for the clergy abuse survivors and a new day for this diocese."


January 29, 2009
Press Contacts:
Nicole Sotelo, Call To Action, Communications Director
Phone: 773.404.0004 x285 /nicole@cta-usa.org
Tom Honore, Call To Action LA-based Board Member
Phone: 310.7481911


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