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Leading With Purpose - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you have to be a member of Dignity USA in good standing in order to apply and participate?

Yes, membership in DignityUSA is a requirement. If you are not sure of your current status in DignityUSA, please contact us – we will find out for you. The current national dues are: $60/single, $120/couple, $160/household. Here is the link to the membership page.  Please do not let financial considerations prevent you from becoming a member; scholarships are available.

Who should apply?

This Academy is for aspiring leaders of any age and any experience of DignityUSA: If you're new to Dignity or you've been involved in a Dignity Chapter for a long time, and interested in taking your involvement to the next level this program is for you. Take the time to read all our materials online and participate in our Zoom presentations that will take place in October and November to learn more and ask questions.

Would there any financial costs to me as a participant?

No, there is no financial cost to be a participant. The only “cost” to you during the Academy will be the time commitment you give to completing the curriculum and your project. At the end of the term we will ask each participant to “pay forward” by choosing one of three options: 1) running for leadership at the local or national level; 2) volunteering to join the Academy faculty as a future mentor or instructor; or 3) making a monetary donation to the DignityUSA for the future Academy.

Will I have to travel?

Currently with the current COVID-19 pandemic and economic challenges facing our country, we will present the Academy curricula online. That said, should the situation improve, there may be an opportunity for all participants to gather at a central location most likely toward the end of the Academy

How does the mentoring component work: do I select my own mentor or does the Academy assign me one?

Academy staff will be developing a list of qualified mentors from around the US. During the beginning of the curriculum participants will be introduced to the group of mentors and matches will be made taking into account your background (leadership aspirations, experiences, location, interests, etc.) and mentors’ expertise.

What if I don’t have good internet service or don’t own a computer; can I still participate?

All participants will need access to a computer and internet services. If this would be a barrier for you, please let us know this in your application. No one will be turned away for any kind of technical challenge.

Will I have to do an action learning project on my own or will there be a chance to work with others in the Academy on a group project?

All action learning projects will be group projects. In addition to the impact of the projects themselves, working in a group will be a great educational space for you to practice and hone your leadership skills by working with others.

What will be my responsibility to Dignity USA once I graduate?

The Latin base for the word “responsible” means “to hear”. Once you become aware of the many needs of the organization and the people Dignity USA serves, you will know if you are called to a leadership role and where and in which way. This program is an act of faith. We will invest in your growth and development. The Spirit will take it from there.
Have a question not in the FAQ? Please contact Daniel Barutta. We will be updating this document periodically as we receive unanswered questions you may have.