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Kenneth Dowling

As a gay Catholic, this organization and its community mean so much to me. I’m humbled and honored to be considered for the Board. I’m qualified by serving on the Board of Dignity Washington from 2012-2015, including on the Executive Committee. I helped revitalize the community by re-founding the young adult group, recruiting young adults to membership, leadership, and liturgy, updating the logo, website, and social media. Then, from 2015-2017, I co-chaired DignityUSA’s Young Adult Caucus, building community for our younger members all over the country by organizing social media and conference calls. I helped plan the biennial caucus retreat in Chicago and DYAC activities at the DignityUSA convention in Boston.

Recently I’ve been in San Francisco earning my Ph.D. in clinical psychology and volunteering at the majority-LGBTQ Catholic parish. Now that I’ve completed my dissertation (on religious identity and internalized homophobia) and am moving to Iowa City for my one-year residency, I’m ready to devote myself to Dignity leadership once again. Inspired by the Francis papacy and DignityUSA’s new strategic vision, I envision Dignity as the center of the LGBTQ Catholic coalition and a major player in the LGBTQ faith-based movement. Although some of our members may not worship in person in local chapters, I want us to keep providing community, advocacy opportunities, and sacraments otherwise denied to us. I plan to increase young adult, Latinx, and cis-het ally involvement, strengthen our online presence, network with new LGBT Catholic and Christian groups, and turn Dignity to the future.