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Gay Catholics Call on Bishops to Resign

Dallas, June 12, 2002 — DignityUSA president Mary Louise Cervone, in Dallas for the meeting of American Bishops, had harsh words for church leaders as new revelations of widespread cover-up and conspiracy surfaced.

"It is time for every bishop and cardinal, who knowingly harbored a child abuser, to resign," Cervone said. The Dallas Morning News today reported that at least 111 of 178 bishops, of whom eight are cardinals, kept accused priests working in their dioceses.

Cervone went on to say, "These very Bishops are the guardians of Catholic moral authority. Yet, for decades, it has been they who have been morally bankrupt. Through their actions, the Bishops have allowed the children of the Church to be physically and emotionally abused, wounds so deep, they may never heal. Through their words, the Bishops scapegoated gay priests, further demonizing gay Catholics. How dare they place self-preservation before the preservation of the gospel message of Jesus?"

Cervone called on all Catholics to demand justice for the Church by insisting on the resignations of bishops and church officials who were involved in the cover-up of sexual abuse crimes.

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