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Gay Catholic Leaders Celebrate Washington State Senate Approval of Same-Sex Marriage

Catholics Play Prominent Role in Bill’s Passage

Feb. 2, 2012. In the wake of the Washington State Senate’s vote endorsing same-sex marriage, DignityUSA applauds the leadership of Catholic legislators in getting one step closer to equality.

Leo Egashira of Seattle, a DignityUSA Board member said, "Prominent Catholic lawmakers in Washington State voted with their consciences and their hearts for justice and equality. Their actions demonstrate the kind of commitment to dismantling unjust structures that lies at the heart of Catholic social justice teaching. I’m so proud to be a Washington state resident and part of a Church that produces public servants committed to the entire community.”

Among Catholics whose efforts ensured the bill’s passage, DignityUSA noted the impact of Senator Ed Murray, who sponsored the bill, and Senator Mary Margaret Haugen, who represented the 25th vote, making passage certain.

DignityUSA will be praying for all involved as the bill moves to Washington’s House for consideration.


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