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DignityUSA Launches Online Memberships and Donations

Dear DignityUSA members:

Today, we take another step forward in making our website, www.dignityusa.org, more useful for all those wish to support our organization, through membership or donations. Now, for the first time people can register and make electronic donations.

The DignityUSA website has been active for many years and is an excellent source of information about us and functions as a link to chapters nationwide. In fact, many people have told us they first became interested in DignityUSA through finding us via the world wide web. Now, with the latest enhancements to our website, individuals are able to complete a membership form and submit it electronically to the national office. Donors are also able to make secure donations to the organization with their credit cards.

We are very happy to reach this point in development of our website. We're grateful to our talented volunteers, M.A. Ladd and Chuck Provancher, working on this project in their spare time to benefit the entire organization.

Those who wish to join DignityUSA or make a donation should click on the JOIN OR DONATE button. Donations will be processed through a secure website that will allow donors to be comfortable transmitting their credit card information to make a much needed donation to support the work of DignityUSA.

We are very proud of the work our volunteers have done on this important project and we're grateful for the patience of our members and donors as we worked to make this improvement to our site and our operations. Please check out our latest upgrade.

Thank you for your continued support of DignityUSA.


Matthew Gallagher
Executive Director