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DignityUSA Endorses National Equality March, Oct. 10-11, 2009

Below is a statement from DignityUSA's Board of Directors:

DignityUSA endorses the National Equality March, October 10-11, 2009 in Washington, DC, and will participate fully in this event. As the nation's foremost organization of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender Catholics and our allies, we call on members and friends to support this March, and the principles for which it stands. Civil rights for our community is a hallmark of justice, and as Catholics, members of the largest denomination in the US, we believe we have a particular responsibility to witness to our belief in justice for all people in the places where public policy is made, as well as in our Church. We urge those who are able to be present to March with Dignity in Washington, DC on Oct. 10-11, and for those unable to be there to March for Equality in another way: by getting involved in a civil rights campaign in your home state, by volunteering for an organization seeking justice for anyone currently marginalized in our country, by donating to an organization that works for equality, by sharing your own experiences of discrimination, and by praying for those who will gather in our nation's capital.

DignityUSA is finalizing negotiations with a local hotel to provide a block of rooms at a reasonable rate for our members and friends planning to attend the March. Watch this space for additional details.

Dignity/Northern Virgina (NoVA) and Dignity/Washington, DC will be hosting liturgies at their regular time and space during the March weekend. In addition, we will sponsor a training session for Catholics who wish to become involved in pro-LGBT civil rights lobbying. Details will follow soon.

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