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Dignity/Dayton Deacon Ordained

Members of Dignity/Dayton’s Living Beatitudes Community are pleased to announce that one of our members, Kathy Bean, was ordained to the Deaconate in the Roman Catholic WomenPriests movement on Friday, May 16, at All Saints Episcopal Church by Bishop Joan Clark Houk. 

Bean, a mother of two and grandmother of five, and nurse by profession, describes herself as a cradle Catholic and “feels called by God to service in all communities.” She is currently being mentored by celebrants of Dignity/Dayton’s faith community, and states, “I’ve never felt so welcomed before by a group. I’ve really found a home for my ministry and gifts.”

DignityUSA Board member Bob Butts (Dignity/Dayton) views this as a great new direction for the Dayton community, “We welcome married priests, women priests, and people of all vocations, and are thrilled to have Kathy as part of our ministry team.”  Bean will be ordained to the priesthood later this year.