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Dignity Honolulu Celebrates Mary of Magdala Liturgy

By Gene Corpuz, Dignity/Honolulu

Dignity/Honolulu held their annual Mary of Magdala liturgy on Sunday, July 22, at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Honolulu.  This was one of the many Mary of Magdala events held around the country, promoted by the FutureChurch organization, which supports women’s contribution to the Church through prayer services, liturgies, and vigils.  The liturgy was well attended by 25 people, with a potluck supper following the liturgy in the parish hall.  

The homily was given by Dawn Morais Webster, a local Catholic theologian who writes a blog on progressive Catholic issues.  Her homily cited the efforts to discredit Mary of Magdala by Pope Gregory in 591 C.E. by declaring that the sinful woman at Jesus’ feet was Mary Magdalene. Dawn stated, “Mary Magdalene, Apostle to the Apostles, she who saw the Risen Lord, she who brought word of the Resurrection to the disciples, was by papal declaration labeled a prostitute.”  Dawn continued, “The attacks on women who think have gathered momentum, from Sr. Margaret Farley to the head of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, Sr. Pat Farrell.  The charge that they are betraying the faith through what the Vatican and the Bishops call ‘radical feminism’ is not unlike the labeling of Mary Magdalene.”  If you want to read more from Dawn’s homily, read her blog at http://freecatholic808.com/2012/07/29/sisters-you-rock/.

In a future special event, Dignity/Honolulu will commemorate Solidarity Sunday on October 7, with a parish visitation at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace in Honolulu, followed by a special liturgy at St. Mark’s Church at 7:30 in the evening.  Solidarity Sunday was established in 1995 as a campaign to combat violence committed against LGBT people, whether the violence is physical, emotional, or spiritual.  Rainbow ribbons along with Solidarity Sunday brochures will be distributed at both events.  For more information, please call 808-352-7558, or go to the Dignity/Honolulu website: http://honolulu.dignityusa.org/