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Deb Myers and Nickie Valdez Celebrate 25 Years

On February 15, 2014, on a sunny and brisk Valentine's Day weekend, Deb Myers and Nickie Valdez celebrated their 25th Anniversary of Holy Union with a liturgy at Beacon Hill Presbyterian Church in San Antonio, Texas. Officiating for Deb and Nickie was Daniel Helminiak, a long-time friend and Dignity supporter.

Today Deb and Nickie celebrated with their friends in the LGBT community, including many couples who have worked hard to sustain lifelong relationships. Dignity/San Antonio continues to meet at Beacon Hill. It's very seldom that the both of them are not at liturgy together, unless Deb has an out of town meeting with the DignityUSA Board.

After the community witnessed their Union, all were invited to Club Miami for dinner and dancing. The food was great, as was their cake. Everyone had a great time dancing, taking photos, and mostly enjoying fellowship.

Thank you Deb and Nickie for sharing with our LGBT community and the San Antonio community your time and talents. Dignity/San Antonio would not be the same without you both. May you be blessed with many more anniversaries and for truly being a testament that our relationships can be and are life giving and life affirming.

God Bless You Both.