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Chris Franke

I have been a member of DignityUSA since the late 1990’s. In those 25 years I have participated with various Chapters but have never lived in a community with a Chapter. I have appreciated the work that DignityUSA has and continues to do to promote inclusion and social justice in the church and the wider community. I also enjoy the Ministry of DignityUSA. I enjoy the weekly Breath of the Spirit and more recently the only streaming of Masses from Dignity Washington. Especially since I do not live in or near a “Dignity City”.

As a child, my Mother was the CCD Coordinator, so I am very much a “Cradle Catholic”. I was born on a Sunday and the following Sunday my Mother was setting up CCD, with me in carrier. With all that, I do credit DignityUSA for my remaining Catholic, the only one out of 5 children.

I also firmly believe in DignityUSA’s stance of full inclusion. I firmly believe that I have to stand up for all who are shunned or ostracized from the church and community. Because how can I be fully included if others are not?

It would be an honor to serve on the DignityUSA Board of Directors in order to continue DignityUSA’s work of inclusion, social justice, and equality.