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Catholics for Marriage Equality’s Communion Needs Your Help

Dignity/San Francisco logoMembers and friends of Dignity/San Francisco established Catholics for Marriage Equality in California (CME) in June 2009. That first year we conducted rosary vigils at the cathedrals in San Francisco and Oakland, and co-organized a demonstration in Berkeley in response to the anti-gay activism of Oakland Bishop Salvatore Cordileone.

In January 2010 we started the monthly CME newsletter, Communion. Featuring contributions from religious leaders, scholars, and activists, Communion usually runs to 14 pages. It is sent out to a list, and is available for download on the Marriage Equality/CME page of the Dignity/San Francisco website.

Since October 2010, Dignity/San Francisco has provided a stipend to support the production of the newsletter. At this time the Board feels that financial support for the CME newsletter should come primarily from other sources. We have recently received a grant of $250 from the COIL foundation, and a gift of $1000 dollars from Dignity/San Francisco pioneer Tom Savignano (whose poetry has appeared in Communion). But the funding for Communion is still in peril. Your tax-deductible gifts, as individuals or DignityUSA chapters, would be very much appreciated.

Funding for CME is administered by Dignity/San Francisco, and checks can be made out to Dignity/San Francisco with “CME” or “Communion” in the notation. Our address is 1329 7th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94122. While the focus of the newsletter is California, we also cover developments in other states (Washington, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota), as well as national and international developments. We hope to continue producing the newsletter monthly until January, at which time we will shift to a quarterly schedule until DOMA is overturned. 

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