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Annual Day of Fasting & Prayer for Those Living with HIV/AIDS

In 1985 DignityUSA established a "day of fasting and prayer for HIV/AIDS to be observed on the first Sunday of Lent and that each Chapter is requested to hold an appropriate service on that day in memory of all those who have died of AIDS and to provide comfort and encouragement to the partners, families and friends of these people and all other concerned individuals." (HOD Resolution # 20)

Is your Chapter planning on observing this annual day? The HIV/AIDS pandemic is far from over or soon to be forgotten. This day is an opportunity to remember, pray and celebrate the lives of many of our members lost to the struggle of HIV/AIDS. Please consider some special prayer this day in your Chapter or do something so simple as to send a card to a partner or family member and let them know we still remember and care for the memory of their loved one and for them.

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