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2013 – 2014 New Board Members

By Mark Matson, Elections Committee Chair

The results are in! 456 members cast votes in the 2013 Board Election. The members overwhelmingly endorsed another two-year term for Lourdes Rodriguez-Nogues and Lewis Speaks-Tanner as President and Vice-President. Three board members were elected: Alice Knowles (Dignity/Boston), Jack Frielingsdorf (Dignity/Metro New Jersey) and Ray Panas (Dignity/Washington).

At the July 2013 DignityUSA Board Meeting, Lourdes and Lewis nominated Mary Kaye Radtke (Dignity-Integrity/Madison) to serve as Secretary and Glenn Crane as Treasurer with two-year terms to start October 1, 2013. After consulting with Mary Kaye and Glenn, the Board approved both nominations.

Current Board Secretary Paula Lavallee (Dignity/Seattle) has agreed to serve as Convention Chair for the 2015 convention in Seattle.

In addition, the Board asked Patricia Russell (Dignity/New York) to continue to serve the Board in an appointed position for another two-year term. The Officers of DignityUSA have always been authorized to make appointments to address talent needs not addressed by elected members, and/or to ensure appropriate diversity of representation. Patricia has worked hard the past two years in a leadership role to increase the presence and engagement of women in the movement, a strategic priority of the Board endorsed by the membership. This appointment ensures her work in this regard continues.

Bob Butts (Dignity/Dayton-Living Beatitudes Community) was appointed to fill an elected seat vacated by Damien Legacy (Dignity/Washington) for the balance of that term.  

The Board thanked departing members Mark Matson (Dignity/Columbus) and Linda Pieczynski (Dignity/Chicago) for their 10 and 6 years of service, respectively.