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Hello, Dignity Leader! Blessed Epiphany.

As we conclude the first week of 2017, I want to let you know about two new things DignityUSA is offering, as well as some other news.

First, we are proud to release our new brochure. While we continue to offer the "Amplify the Voice" brochure, many of you have asked for a piece that has more images and less text. Thanks to Sam Albano of Indiana for designing this piece, which has been well received in initial tests. I am attaching a pdf which you are free to print, or you can order them from Peggy Burns at Info@DignityUSA.org.  We appreciate a donation to cover shipping costs.

Secondly, this is a reminder that DignityUSA Dateline will now be a biweekly email publication. We continue to welcome news and photos from Caucuses and Chapters. Just send them to Communications@DignityUSA.org and we'll get the material published as soon as we can. Look for the first issue soon! And if you know of folks who need to update their email addresses with us, please encourage them to send their current email to Info@DignityUSA.org.

We expect to open registration for our 2017 conference later this month. The website is currently in final development and testing. Please hold the dates of July 6-9, 2017 for A Place at the Table, in Boston, Massachusetts. Lots of exciting offerings!

Finally, the next meeting of the DignityUSA Board will be February 24-26, 2017 in Burbank, CA. All are welcome! For information about the agenda and meeting location, please contact Secretary@DignityUSA.org

May this year be a time of unexpected grace and blessing for you and the community you lead.

Marianne Duddy-Burke, Executive Director




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