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DignityUSA at State Department Conference

On September 26-27, the State Department held its first Religion and Diplomacy Conference, an event attended by 300 Obama administration officials, foreign service officers, human rights activists, academics, and religions leaders. Marianne Duddy-Burke, who has served on the Faith and LGBTI Advisory Group for three years, represented DignityUSA. 

"This conference represented both a celebration of the great strides our State Department is making in helping everyone involved in US foreign policy and diplomacy to better understand the role religion plays in almost every key issue, and a chance to provide input on the emerging and anticipated issues. LGBTI concerns were discussed in virtually every session, and there was explicit recognition that effective diplomacy requires engaging with people beyond the official religious leaders in many faiths. It was a very exciting event, and I am very proud DignityUSA was part of it, and has had a voice in shaping the State Department's work."

Marianne reported spending time with two Vatican Embassy officials,  reuniting with one of her Ethics professor from her days at Weston Jesuit School of Theology, along with international LGBTI human rights leaders, Maryknoll missionaries, and many others. For more photos and additional accounts, visit DignityUSA's Facebook page.

Attention Federal Employees

DignityUSA is now an approved charity for the Combined Federal Campaign. Please consider donating to us when you enroll for 2017 workplace contributions. Our designation is CFC #73047 on the paper form, or look for DignityUSA (Dignity, Inc.) if you register on-line. Thank you!

DignityUSA Board meeting in Indianapolis!

The Board of Directors is meeting in Indianapolis, IN from Sept. 30-Oct.2. Members of the local Chapter will join the Board for liturgy and dinner on Saturday evening. We look forward to welcoming new Board members Linda Roberts and Patty Stricker, finalizing plans for the 2017 DignityUSA conference, beginning work on a new strategic plan, updating our communications strategy, and more. If you're near Indianapolis, you are more than welcome to join all or part of the meetings. Contact Secretary@Dignityusa.org for details. We appreciate prayers for a fruitful meeting. 

Are You An Angel? You Can Be!

Sharon and Frances are Guardian Angels for DignityUSA. They, and more than 80 other people, make regular, usually monthly, contributions to support our ongoing work. Here's what Sharon has to say about this program:

I came to Dignity filled with anxiety, head down, wondering what I might find there. Questioning:  Could I be Catholic and a lesbian? I had been married to a man and had four children but always noticed a attraction to certain women. In Dignity I found other people who had struggled, had similar life experiences and had still remained strong Catholics. The acceptance and love I found in the chapter assisted my integrating into a whole person-sexually and spiritually.

My spouse and I support the DignityUSA Guardian Angel program because a strong consistent Catholics voice, monitoring and confronting LGBT prejudice and descrimation is needed here in the USA and keeping the Vatican aware that LGBT issues of equality in the Church can’t be ignored.  LGBT Catholics are engaged Catholics in parishes and in local communities.  We are first Catholics who happen to be, by the Grace of God born LGBT. 

You too can be an Angel! In fact, DignityUSA wants to enroll at least 8 new Guardian Angels by October 2, the Feast of our Guardian Angels. Current monthly gifts range from $5 to $600--any amount is greatly appreciated. To join the ranks of the Angels, just click here to give by credit card, or call 1-800-877-8797 to set up regular contributions by check. 

Thanks to all our current Angels, and to everyone who supports DignityUSA with membership and financial contributions.

Whose Religious Liberty is it Anyway?

The Coalition for Liberty and Justice, which promotes the progressive response to ongoing efforts to expand religious exemption laws at the State and Federal level, recently sponsored its second annual Forum. DignityUSA Executive Director Marianne Duddy-Burke spoke about the harm that these laws are causing for LGBTQ people and supporters. A video of her presentation can be seen here. Other videos from the Forum can also be found by following that link.

Women of Dignity Gather with Gratitude

From September 23-25 women from around the Dignity community gathered in Framingham, MA to reflect on all that we are grateful for: our relationships, our health, our community, a beautiful world, and so much more. It was a time of deep connection and profound sharing. Look for a reflection on this event in the October Dateline, coming soon! 

Celebrate Solidarity Sunday, October 9, 2016!

In the aftermath of the massacre at Pulse, DignityUSA's antiviolence program is more important than ever. Click here to find out how to participate!

DignityUSA works for justice and the full inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Catholics in the Church and society. It is a founding partner of Equally Blessed, a coalition of faithful Catholics working for LGBT justice, as well as a founding member of the NunJustice Coalition.


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