The work of DignityUSA on April 20, 2014 is proudly sponsored by Robert Downtain.
"My first day at Dignity in 1976"

QCF: Dignity Alive! A conversation with Dignity San Diego

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Dignity is thrilled to host three members of a thriving chapter community in San Diego. What sustains and enlivens this Catholic faith community? What are their challenges and joys? Tune in, find out and be renewed in your quest to "be the change" in your own faith community.

Tuesday, December 17, 9:00PM Eastern, 6:00PM Pacific

Join Brian and Al from San Diego and get an inside look at a thriving Catholic faith Community called Dignity/San Diego. See what's good, what's challenging, what's beautiful about being part of a Body of Christ.You'll have a chance to ask questions, share resources or just take it in. Registering takes seconds. Attendance is free.

December 17th, 2013 9:00 PM