Guardian Angel Monthly Contribution

Thank you for supporting DignityUSA with your monthly contribution.  Monthly donations of whatever is affordable for you help DignityUSA budget for the year.

Now more than ever, Dignity is being called to be the voice of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and ally Catholics who are firmly committed to the Gospel. In order to continue to speak effectively for justice, equality and full inclusion of LGBTQI people in the Catholic Church and society, we need your financial commitment.

You help strengthen DignityUSA’s unique and vital voice when you become a Guardian Angel. Amplify our voice with your monthly contribution. Join the Choir of Angels, and ensure that DignityUSA’s voice continues to be heard whenever and wherever it is needed!

  • Funds DignityUSA’s ability to respond to critical events through print, television, radio and Internet media
  • Enables travel to chapters, conferences and leadership meetings around the country (when safe to do so!)
  • Supports our representation of pro-equality Catholics in legal cases at the state and federal level, and on local, state and national policy matters
  • Helps us mobilize people in support of Catholics harmed by the church’s discriminatory practice
  • Provides resources for chapter and caucus support and development
  • Ensures that all who wish to join DignityUSA are able to do so, regardless of income
  • Allows us to represent LGBTQI Catholics in major political and religious coalitions and events around the country and internationally
  • Supports maintenance of an up-to-date, informative, interactive website visited by over 10,000 people each month
  • Provides staff to respond to hundreds of phone calls, emails and letters from people seeking advice and counsel
  • Sponsors DignityUSA outreach to LGBTQI Catholics, our families, friends and supporters


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