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Stop Spiritual Violence

Vatican Protest by U.S. Activists Banned by Police in Rome

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Soulforce-DignityUSA Shape New Plan To Oppose Anti-Gay Teachings


Gay Italian Activists and Catholics Offer Assistance and Support

Laguna Beach, CA, December 26, 2000 — Shortly after a bloody confrontation between police and several thousand Italians protesting the Vatican visit of a right-wing Austrian extremist, a Soulforce advance team met with police officials in Rome to obtain permits for a nonviolent protest. According to Italian police, no demonstration of any kind is allowed in or near the Vatican City-state.

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Vatican Waging Holy War Against Sexual Minorities

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Soulforce & DignityUSA Combine Forces to Combat Intolerance

U.S. Activists Will Take Their "Stop Spiritual Violence" Campaign to Rome

Laguna Beach, CA, December 5, 2000 — Today, Soulforce and DignityUSA leaders announced plans to take their nonviolent campaign against centuries of spiritual violence and anti-gay teachings of the Roman Catholic Church to the Vatican on January 5-6, 2001. Supporters of Soulforce and DignityUSA plan to tape their specific demands for inclusion for all people in the Church on the doors of the Vatican.

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