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Action Alert: The Pilot in Boston article by Michael Pakaluk

The June 4, 2010 issue of "The Pilot", *the newspaper of the Archdiocese of Boston*, contains an article on the “danger” of allowing children of same-sex couples to attend Catholic schools. The offensive and irresponsible language of this article have no place in a Catholic paper. We urge you to write or call the Pilot’s leadership, (phone: (617) 746-5889 ext. 5) and demand an apology for this article, request that they run a piece supportive of enrolling gay and lesbian couples’ children, and also to let them know that Michael Pakaluk should no longer be provided a platform for his consistently hateful writings. Marianne Duddy-Burke would appreciate getting copies of any letters. You can send them to her at executivedirector@dignityusa.org.

In the Boston Globe, Marianne Duddy-Burke was quoted as saying,   “I think this is an absolutely appalling piece. I think it’s incredibly irresponsible for a Catholic newspaper to allow such hateful and insupportable claims to be made in their paper.’’

Sue O'Connell, co-Publisher of Bay Windows, New England's largest LGBT newspaper, stated "What he wrote is vile. That it was published by The Pilot is hurtful to all children."

Since the article appeared, controversy has been building and the story is breaking in Boston-area TV stations. On June 9th, the Pilot's editor, Antonio M. Enrique, issued this statement in response to building criticism, saying, "The tone of the piece was strong and we apologize if anyone felt offended by it....Mr. Pakaluk’s column, as is the case with other opinion pieces, does not necessarily represent a specific position or endorsement of The Pilot or the Archdiocese."  

WBZ Talk Radio in Boston has these audio clips with Marianne Duddy-Burke and Michael Pakaluk discussing the column's implications, and WCVB (The Boston Channel) featured Marianne Duddy-Burke and her partner Becky discussing the column's reception in this clip from 9 June news.

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