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Breath of the Spirit

Pastoral, Liturgical, Teaching, and Social Justice Moments brought to you by www.DignityUSA.org.

Breath of the Spirit is DignityUSA’s electronic spiritual and liturgical resource for our members and potential members. Nothing can replace your chapter or other faith community, but we hope you will find further support here for integrating your spirituality with your sexuality and all the strands of your life.

We welcome relevant homilies, inspirational writings, social justice opportunities, or theological articles from other sources also — particularly from wise women and men who can help us grow as gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) and allied Catholic/Christians. You may volunteer to help with this program or send your comments by e-mailing info@DignityUSA.org ATTN: Breath of the Spirit.

Historians have always had problems pinpointing the forces behind Judaism's first century BCE leap into a belief in an afterlife. Before then, the Israelites presumed we'll be rewarded or punished in this life for what we do in this life. It's the only life we'll ever have.

Past... more

Those who think they know all about John the Baptizer - who he was and in what his mission consisted -probably know very little about him. If we're using our Christian Scriptures as the definitive source for his life and ministry, we're employing writers who are interested only in how he related... more

Those familiar with biblical prophets know about their concept of the "remnant." Though many begin their prophetic ministry with high hopes for success, all eventually are forced to admit that very few of the "faithful" are even interested in hearing the word of God, much less in carrying it out... more

We see a sign of the changes wrought by Vatican II in the title of today's feast. We old-timers remember when it was just called "Corpus Christi:" the Body of Christ. The Blood of Christ got short shrift. For good reason; before the Vatican II reforms the laity were forbidden to receive from the... more

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