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Breath of the Spirit

Pastoral, Liturgical, Teaching, and Social Justice Moments brought to you by www.DignityUSA.org.

Breath of the Spirit is DignityUSA’s electronic spiritual and liturgical resource for our members and potential members. Nothing can replace your chapter or other faith community, but we hope you will find further support here for integrating your spirituality with your sexuality and all the strands of your life.

We welcome relevant homilies, inspirational writings, social justice opportunities, or theological articles from other sources also — particularly from wise women and men who can help us grow as gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) and allied Catholic/Christians. You may volunteer to help with this program or send your comments by e-mailing info@DignityUSA.org ATTN: Breath of the Spirit.

Those who study Scripture are constantly discovering who God is. Since God is "other" than all of us, we humans can only talk about God in symbols and metaphors. To completely understand God and God's actions is practically and intellectually impossible.

Our Jewish ancestors in the... more

Luke seems to be the first author of the Christian Scriptures to presume both he and all who read his double volume work will die before Jesus' Second Coming. That means he's preparing his community for the long haul. Unlike his predecessors who thought they were training sprinters, Luke's... more

Since many of us don't know the distinguishing characteristics of a biblical disciple, an apostle, or the Twelve, we probably won't understand the meaning of today's first reading.

In the Christian Scriptures, a disciple is anyone - man or woman - who follows Jesus. Luke, in Acts,... more

There's no doubt about the theme of today's readings. "This is my commandment: love one another as I have loved you." John's entire gospel revolves around that message. Though a simple command, it can create problems. Love often means different things for different people.

My... more

In Fr. Donald Cozzens' recent National Catholic Reporter review of Cullen Murphy's God's Jury: The Inquisition and The Making of the Modern World, the former seminary rector mentioned a passing supermarket encounter with an elderly man who looked in his direction and said, "Heretic!" When the... more

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