Appendix Three: Interview Questions

I. Biographical

1. What is your — age, sex, race and ethnic background, religion of origin, religion of practice? With what religious organizations do you affiliate? Are you — in a relationship, clergy/religious, former clergy/religious?

2. Do you identify yourself as gay/lesbian, bisexual, celibate/abstinent, transvestite?

3. How long have you been aware of your sexual orientation? To whom are you out?

4. Were/are you married/in a heterosexual union?

5. Are you a parent or considering becoming a parent?

6. How far have you gone educationally? (Your major, degree)

7. Did you attend a — parochial grade school, parochial high school, denominational college?

II. Spiritual

1. What does the term "being spiritual" mean to you? How important is that in your life?

2. How do you image ("picture") God? The Church?

3. While you were growing up, were you spiritually/religiously more influenced by-home, clergy, religious, other (specify)?

4. Do you pray? If so, how often?

5. Do you attend worship services? If so, where and how often?

6. Do you read any spiritual/religious literature? (If so, give a sample listing.)

III. Sexual

1. How were you introduced into the genital area (hetero- and/or homo- sexual)? How old were you?

2. How many sexual partners have you had in the past year?

3. How do your past sexual experiences influence your present sexual attitudes/genital behaviors?

4. What is/are your preferred genital/sexual practice(s)? If you were asked to explain this/these practice(s), how would you do it? Are you comfortable in doing so?

5. In your last sexual experience, which of the following were involved in your sexual expression — sensuality, spirituality, fun/play, friendship, power, surrender, sharing, lust, love, tenderness, pleasure, pain, physical relief?

6. What are your feelings/attitudes regarding — promiscuity, monogamy, open relationships?

7. How do you perceive adult bookstores, gay bars, gay beaches, the baths, "back rooms"?

8. How frequently are drugs/alcohol, poppers related to your sexual activities?

IV. Sexual/Spiritual

1. How do your Church's teachings influence your spiritual life, genital behavior, sexual lifestyle (orientation)?

2. Do you perceive any of your sexual behavior as sinful? Explain.

3. How do you relate your sexual attitudes/genital behaviors in your relationship with —God, Church, self, family, "significant other," larger gay/lesbian community?

4. Are your sexual attitudes/genital behaviors more influenced by health concerns (AIDS, VD) or more by religious, ethical considerations?

5. If you have attempted or are currently attempting to be celibate/sexually abstinent, what is its influence on your self-awareness, relationship with others/ God / Church, spirituality?