Holy Union Example Provided by Rosemary and Janet, Dignity/Maine

Order of Liturgy

Entrance Hymn

Gather Us In (Haas)

First Reading

Isaiah 62:1-4

Responsorial Psalm

What You Hear In The Dark (Schutte)

Second Reading

1 John 4:7-16

Celtic Alleluia



Mark 4:21-25



Commitment Ceremony


Magnificat of Betrothal, "Mairyam of Nazareth" Anne Johnson, page 21-22

Community Blessing

We gather today to witness and celebrate your love and commitment to each other. As your family and friends, we bless you with our love for you and pray that you may always have the strength of community to support you May you endure the challenge of committed life and always find joy in the celebration of it. We pray that you may continue to grow together in God's light. Amen.


We believe (Walker)


We believe in one God! We believe in one Lord! We believe in one Spirit!

Preparation Hymn

All I Ask Of You (Norbet)

Eucharistic Acclamations

Mass of Creation (Haugen)

Communion Hymn

Lover of Us All

Recessional Hymn

Stand Up Friends (Hass)

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