We’ve Got the Solution!!!

What to do with all that great art work you have but no place to display it? Or that crystal bowl Aunt Sarah gave you that doesn’t match any of your modern decor? Or how about that timeshare you bought ten years ago and you just don’t want to schlep there anymore?

We have the solution to these and many other items you no longer use. Donate them to DignityUSA’s summer online auction. You will share those treasures with someone else, get a tax deduction, and help DignityUSA raise some cash. What a great way to do re-gifting!

The effort on your part is minimal. Just let Jack Frielingsdorf know what the item is (a picture would be great), the value, and a short description. Contact Jack at Frielys@gmail.com. If and when the item sells, he will contact you with the winner’s name and give you instructions on how and where to send it. It won’t cost you anything to ship as the buyer will cover those costs.

The auction will be held mid-summer. Therefore, we need to hear from you soon in order that your treasures can be included.