Spiritual development is one of the prime areas of concern and commitment of DignityUSA and its chapters. Quoting from the Statement of Position and Purpose: We strive to achieve Christian maturity through the sacraments, Scripture, prayer, an active love of neighbor as ourselves, and liturgical celebrations, especially the Mass. Most chapters sponsor some type of liturgical function, either at all of their gatherings, or on a regularly scheduled basis.

If you’ve never planned a liturgy before, the idea may be a bit overwhelming to you at first. But remember, "liturgy" means "the work of the people." That means there can be as many kinds of liturgy as there are groups that gather together to worship. While many Dignity chapters celebrate Mass regularly, other types of liturgy have become the principle form of worship for other chapters. Many Catholic communities are exploring various kinds of prayer and celebration, which enrich the spiritual lives of the community. What is important is that the spiritual and liturgical life of the chapter meets the needs of the chapter’s membership. This means not only that they are ministered to, but that they have the opportunity to minister to the community as well.

There are many excellent resources to help in your planning. Visit any religious bookstore and sample the material that is available. In addition to printed materials, you might also want to identify people in your community who can help. In many parishes, colleges and religious communities - priests, sisters, brothers and lay people who regularly plan liturgies will be able to offer support and advice. They can also help you identify people who would preside at your liturgies, or train your own members to do so. DignityUSA also can be helpful by sharing the resources and liturgical formats used by other chapters.

Do all that you can to gather your chapter together in prayer and celebration - social events, projects, etc. Do all that you can to allow a vital faith community of justice-seekers to develop. The closeness of your chapter will be evident in your liturgies. Chapters, whose members know and care for one another, pray together often and well.