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Chapter 4 National Couples Registry

In its effort to support and validate committed relationships, DignityUSA has established a National Registry of Holy Unions. This registry is part of Dignity's commitment to recognizing and honoring couples who have made a decision to have a Holy Union that satisfies the Holy Union Guidelines set forth in this resource guide. It is also documentation that we, as lesbian, gay, bisexual and, transgender people, do have and desire long-term monogamous relationships that are consonant with Christ's teaching and Christian values, and are loving, life-giving, and life affirming.

DignityUSA would like to extend an invitation to all couples who have Holy Unions that satisfy the Holy Union Guidelines and any that may be in place at the local chapter to register their Holy Union with DignityUSA. Couples who have had Holy Unions prior to the release of the Guidelines may also register but must have met the Guidelines. While we want to support and validate all couples who have had Unions, we feel that for the Registry to be accountable, the guidelines must be adhered to. We suggest and encourage couples to use an occasion such as an anniversary to have a reunion that satisfies the Guidelines, thereby qualifying it for the registry.

The Holy Union Certificate is to be filled out by the chapter and signed by the couple, their witnesses, and the presider(s), and presented to the couple at the Holy Union. The registry form must be filled out and signed by the presider(s) and chapter leader and sent to the National Office for registry. A dated copy will be returned to the chapter. The chapter is then encouraged to make a copy for their records before issuing the form to the couple.

The Dissolution of Holy Union form is provided as the method of removing the record of a Holy Union from the National Registry of Holy Unions. The reasons for the removal need not be provided, but removal would be necessary before an individual could register another Holy Union. This form should be completed and sent to DignityUSA. A dated copy will be returned to the chapter.